Last train to Paris.....

Bonjour à tous! Comment êtes-vous?
Well, sorry I haven't been blogging like I said I would...

But I'm back in full effect and I'm going to start everyday!! Now that I am in a different country, the time is killing me... it's like a 6-hour difference but I won't complain. First, a BIG thank you to everyone that has been supporting me, my goals, my talents and all thee above.... you guys keep pushing me closer to my dreams! Well any who, I LOVE it here so far like seriously...I could move here, just have to learn some French and I would fit right in, you think? Everyone asks me like what made you decide on Paris. I mean honestly, how could I NOT? No, really...It's motivation, like NOTHING or NO ONE can come between my dreams especially if I have a talent that’s God Given why reject it? I'm the carefree girl who doesn't mind just getting up and going. I don't need someone I know to come alone because at some point I will meet different people who will open my mindset, teach me something and push me even closer to my dreams. Why am I here? I am here for a month taking two fashion classes, which are 6 credit hours. I hope to expand my mind not only on the fashion level but also on the international business level and how their market differs from the U.S market. Okay picture timeeeee :) woot woot

xo CCMonai
View from my Apartment :) 

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