Is Bigger really BETTER?

Lesson of the day: 

I've learned recently and actually noticed that back in America, American's think, "Bigger is Better". Just think about it, our fast food restaurants offer to up-size your meal for what 0.49 cents which probably explains why the United States has the largest obesity rates in the world...We instill in our youth heads that butt shots/bigger boobs are okay with a simple knife or needle. Also, look at our cars and house.... Everyone is so caught up in the idea of impressing someone. Right? 

Now in Europe everything is done in moderation. There is a McDonalds here and guess what? No upsizing anything, the drinks are the size of my pinky, not even kidding. The food normally isn't seasoned with lbs of salt or seasoning salt. The portions of food are normally smaller than the typical American portions, maybe because they want to satisfy you, not get you full, causing that metal button on those jeans to...give more than a little.

With that being said.... So is the typical "American Way of Life”…slowly fading way? I LOVE my country & miss the food (kind of) & wouldn't trade it for the world but traveling to Europe has allowed me to open my mind and see what I’ve been so closed minded to. Back in American it's a pursuit of size, wealth, and material possessions for happiness. In Europe everyone seems so happy, they don't overwork themselves whereas back home, we work nonstop. There is a difference between grinding and working hard for what you want and killing yourself young. Just think about it.

xo CCMonai

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