Determination x Ambition x Hunger= Success

Hey readers x bloggers!
I haven’t did a lesson of the day in a while so open your ears, prepare you mind, and relax your thoughts for five minutes.
 I went to a museum the other day and one particular art piece caught my eye. It’s just a simple creation of a young girl, climbing up onto a post but in reality it’s so much more. You see, I dream A LOT, I have so many personal goals, determination, and personally I realize my backbone is bigger than my own mindset. This picture helps me to remain focused, do what I can with what I have. I have the tendency to tell myself no or even question my ability to do certain things. Being here in Paris has taught me the sky is the only limit. ANYTHING is possible with the correct mindset. If this young girl can keep reaching for the top, then why can’t this 22-year-old female typing this, do it? GET UP, get moving, find your talent and what makes you truly happy and reach for the sky!!

xo CCMonai

Success is a journey, not a destination. – Ralph Arbitelle

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