A W A Y....

Hey guys, I am sooooo sorry I've been away and not blogging as much since I returned home, I guess being in NYC gave me a reason to post things and wonderful pictures, when you live somewhere MOST of your life, you (well I) tend to run into a wall and being back home...well I've hit that wall (ahhhhh)...BUT I have really good news for all my blog followers...I will be going to PARIS, in 2 WEEKS...
Oui, Paris. Je vais à PARIS! 
With that said, I hope you are more than ready to start this amazing expedition with me, I am truly honored and BLESSED to have this opportunity.... THANK YOU GOD!!! I prevailed in New York City and baby you better believe I will prevail in Paris...God has a way of working in our lives and I think God is speaking to me through this upcoming experience (believe it or not I'm actually crying as I type this).... When you have doors shut in your face and doubters who you thought were supporters, I'm sure you'd feel the same way. It's tears of joy, happiness, and excitement because I have learned while I was in NYC as long as I believe in MYSELF.... I’ll be just fine and I've mastered that so far! I hope you guys can enjoy this journey and feel free to comment or ask questions! 

xo CCMonai

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