Alexander McQueen x NYC

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As I end my journey here in NYC, My teacher said she HAD to take us to see the Alexander McQueen show...soooo of course I was beyond excited I mean come on, this is what I call LUXURY...Yes LUXURY, no not Louis Vuitton that’s so widely accessible to EVERYONE and then some... basically in order to "rock" some McQueen you HAVE to be top of the line... but I won't even go into "How Luxury has LOST its luster"...That will be another post.... but any who I couldn't take pictures of the pieces but all I have to say: if you're located in NEW YORK CITY.....Go to this show, now......not tomorrow but now. It's beyond breath taking, like the actual pieces; the concept took me into another world that took motivation to a new level....

xo CCMonai

                                              The view from the rooftop at the McQueen show...
A walk through Central Park....AMAZING!

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  1. Oh, you lucky girl! Those shoes are so cool! I love the snake print.



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