Interview: Who is Tameka Raymond?

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Well, I had another amazing opportunity to sit down and chat with another amazing Celebrity Stylist by the name of Tameka Raymond! She also had an awesome personality, was so easy going and had an eagerness to do the interview, I was thrilled! ENJOY :) Feel free to comment!

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Q: I see you have worked with some of the top celebrities, how do you feel about your accomplishments? Have you reached your ultimate goal as a wardrobe stylist?
A:" I'm very excited about my accomplishments. At a fairly young age, I am proud to say that I have worked with many entertainers and feel that I have reached my goals as a stylist.  I've recently opened two retail stores and I own a children's play facility. Being a successful entrepreneur is my main focus."

Q: How did you land this career? Did you go to school for Fashion or you just kind of stumbled here? Where are you from?

A: "Yes, I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. My friend, Todd Russaw, was A&R for Biv 10 Records and he asked me to revamp the look of two new groups he had, 702 and Subway. I'm originally from Oakland, California."

Q: Where do you see yourself as a stylist in the next 6 months and the next 6 years? 

A:" In the next 6 months to 6 years, I plan to focus primarily on my new businesses that I have started Estella and KangaZoom."

Q: What is your favorite "go to piece" in your closet? What’s your favorite "go to piece" for your clients?   
A: "My Boyfriend cut PRPS Jeans are my absolute go to item. I can dress them up or wear them casually. I don't have a go to piece for clients. I guess anything classic..."

Q: Any advice for new, upcoming stylist like myself?
A: "My advice for upcoming stylists is to be as original as possible. Don't follow trends too closely. Put looks together that feel good, make you happy and that you feel comfortable in. Make sure to stay away from styles that you'll regret in the future. "

Q: What do you find most challenging about becoming a stylist? 

 A: "I think the most challenging thing about becoming a stylist is getting that "it" client and also getting people to take you seriously."

Q: What or whom style inspires you the most?    

A: "I am inspired by Jackie Onassis.  She approached her lifes situations as well as her style with a poise, class and timelessness that I admire."

Q: Even though you have worked with some of the top clients and celebrities, What would be your dream styling gig? Who you REALLY want to work with? 

A: "I would really want to do a feature film before I retire. I'd also like to work with Halle Berry and Idris Elba."

Q: What's a typical day in your shoes? 

A: "A typical day for me requires an early wake up to see my boys off for school and then the fun beings...I make phone calls, send emails, start fires, put out fires and take care of my stores and tend to my businesses."

Q: What are you latest projects or clients you have recently been working with?

A: "I still work with a few clients on occasion, I opened two boutiques Estella and Estella Home and I have an indoor children's play facility called KangaZoom."

Q: And lastly, How do you keep your personal life separate from your career, is it hard to balance both?

A: "I am very dedicated to what I do professionally.  My personal life is just that...personal.  Since so much of my life has been public, I try to keep those that are close and dear to me guarded.  I make every effort to separate the two."   
 You can find Tameka on twitter @TamekaRaymond


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