Interview: Celebrity Stylist Leah Taylor

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 I got a chance to sit down and have an amazing phone conversation with Miss Leah Taylor, stylist to the celebrities. It was pretty cool talking to someone born and raised in the same city as you were, pursing the same career because its like we connected instantly. I’m sure if I met her in person her warm personality would match to the same person I spoke with via phone. I hope you guys enjoy the interview as much as I did, so sit back, relax, grab some snacks and enjoy...I'm sure you'll LOVE her!

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Q: I see you have worked with some of the top celebrities, how do you feel about your accomplishments?
A: I feel great about my accomplishments, especially with me coming from Cleveland, Ohio. Honestly, I always loved fashion but I really didn’t know that I would have a career in fashion because I worked at the post office and The water department. Coming from Cleveland to where I am today, I just have to tell you to DREAM BIG, because ANYTHING is possible, I am watching it unfold now!

Q: How did you land this career? Did you go to school for Fashion or you just kind of stumbled here?
A: Well actually I quit my job back home in Cleveland to move to Georgia where I began to study Fashion Merchandising. My brother Robert had a hobby since I can remember (whewww lol) of photography and we just put our heads together and came up with an idea of making a family business. (Taylor Ector Studio). Half was his idea and the other half was my idea so this is really how I got where I am today. 
Q: Where do you see yourself as a stylist in the next 6 months and the next 6 years, Leah?
A: Well in the next 6 months- just pretty much continuing what I am doing and more traveling to better locations and branch out more. I really want to widen my portfolio so when someone looks at it, they see a Vogue Magazine
And the next 6 years- I want a stable career, not doing as much styling for photo shoots but I really want to get into fashion editing, blogging, and become a print stylist for a major magazine. I’m of course still going to be with the family business but I’ll be the lead stylist and just have people working under and with me.
Q: What are your thoughts about African Americans within the fashion industry?  
A: We really need to be more supportive of one another’s goals, offer advice and help each other out, we just don’t stick together!

Q: What is your favorite "go to piece" in your closet? What's your favorite "go to piece" for your clients? 
A: A blazer......a staple, clean cut tailored blazer or a simple black one because you can always throw that on with some ripped up jeans or dress it up with a pair of tailor pants for work and of course ALWAYS a pair of Christian Louboutin! 
For my client: It really just depends on how they are proportioned and a HOT SHOE!
Q:  Any advice for new, upcoming stylist like myself trying to get their foot in the door? More so where should I start?
A: You need to research A LOT about the career you choose, know the history of fashion, fashion terms, correct label names and overall fashion education. Also, networking is big, if that means you have to walk into a large fashion company and ask for an internship and ask what do you need to do then DO IT! Have courage to just ask for help when you network because you never know what may come out of it. Lastly, remain focus and that’s with anything you do.
Q: What do you find most challenging about being a stylist with our economy suffering?

A: It's a lot harder with the economy suffering because a lot of store can't afford to take certain losses with the garments. 

Q: What or whom style inspires you the most?
A: I love all of the Kardashians style even Scott’s....Scott and Kanye West has the best men’s style. I also love celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe June Ambrose style!

Q: What is something most people don't know about you?
A: I am Sport fanatic (so am I!) I love basketball, football, boxing.....the Cleveland Cavs were my favorite team .....until LeBron left so now I’m with Miami Heat (laughs). I am also a fan of Miami dolphins, New York Giants and Floyd Mayweather.
Q: Has Social media helped you within your career? 
A: Most definitely! It’s free advisement and people see you’re really serious about what you do. If it wasn’t for social media, I think people would believe in what I do, like I can tweet “I just left Kelly Rowland house, organizing her closet but once you twit-pic then people believe you more)
-Do you respond to everyone who tweets you?
A: 50% yes but thats because of the timing, my life has been hectic but blessed this past year. Its a lot of people who try to do interviews but I’m just so busy so it’s better if you have a referral also.
Q:  And lastly, How do you keep your personal life separate from your career, is it hard to balance both?
A: No, because my personal life and my career are basically married, I am doing what I love and thats with my family, we are all one big happy family :) 

You can check out Leah's work at Taylorectorstudios or catch her on Twitter @LeahLouie


  1. YES YES YES YES YES! I lovvvve it sis. You are going places in your life. You know what you want and you will get it. Im soooo proud of you! Keep up the good work!

    Big Sis!

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