When Denim meets Runway....More than a Product

I was giving the amazing opportunity to partake in Fashion Week 2011. I mean honestly, it hasn't really hit me, maybe because it's my first fashion week.....but I feel like I am living a dream. Just last week this time I was running around the office making sure everything was perfect and I can say every second, minute and hour was beyond worth my time. The experience itself and the amazing people I connected with was a life long experience and I have to thank GOD for allowing me the chance to work with a GREAT, AWESOME company. Lastly, being backstage was breath taking....I got to see all the time and effort that's put into the models to look flawless. The energy from everyone was great, the employees, the models, the celebrities, everything! If you have no idea who G-STAR RAW is....GOOGLE them NOW.....Seriously I firmly believe EVERY guy should own a pair of their denim, it will change your life, I promise....I'm not even kidding! I can honestly tell you right now and quote me when I say this.....THIS was my FIRST Fashion week and it will NOT be my LAST. I pray God keeps blessing and sooner or later I'll be sitting in the front row somewhere pulling pieces off the runways for shoots or clients! 

FYI: I'll post a clip from the show keep checking!

xo CCMonai 

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