Macchiato anyone??

Ok.......SO today was my first day at my internship (I know super excitinggggg, yes I know, woot woot!) well any who, My boss and I took a trip to the Garment and Jewelry districts to pick out fabrics and all that good stuff.....well on the way back to the office, we made a pit stop at one of her favorite coffee shops "Dean & Deluca".....I decided to try a Macchiato, yes the coffee drink made out of espresso and a little milk.....well guess how much this oh so cute 20oz cup cost?

Very CUTE coffee shop to sit and chat, read, or do some homework......

.....&& here is the amazing 20oz pint side cup of Macchiato for 3.00.....YES 3 bucks!! I found this too funny.
A few pictures from today....Ahhhhh fabrics, make me HAPPY 

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