Kith x Vogue's 125th Anniversary

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 Can you believe Vogue, has been in business for 125 years? Yes, the historic fashion publication we've all picked up at least once. To celebrate their 125th anniversary they have teamed up with the popular street wear boutique KITH. They will release several exclusive, colorful, unisex hoodies and crewnecks in two installments. I am so here for this unique collection which showcases the diversity over 125 years! Five crewnecks released today (9/4) priced at $145 and sold out within seconds online. You may be lucky enough to catch one of the five hoodies releasing September 11th. Enjoy!

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How to wear one sneaker, 3 ways

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Yesterday I posted the NikeLab Pocketknife sneakers and today I would love to showcase some looks I created with the sneaker! The versatility of both color ways is seriously endless and can be paired with many outfits. I’ve decided to create some casual effortless looks for the relax John Elliott shoppers as well as the bold OFF-White lovers. All of the looks have that one statement piece without saying too much but just enough. Regardless if you’re heading back to school, a casual movie date with bae, or just out with the guys: I have you covered! My favorite is look #2, Enjoy!

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NikeLab Pocketknife DM

Hi bloggers x readers!
NikeLab has recently released a 1998 ACG (All Conditions Gear) inspired sneaker called the “Pocketknife DM”. I’ve seen pictures of this shoes floating around the Internet but I wasn’t truly sold until I got a chance to physically try it on. Now, as many of you know… NMD’s are my favorite sneakers because of the quality, style, and comfort. When I got the opportunity to try on the “Pocketknife” I instantly fell in love and had to purchase! Can we just agree NikeLab didn’t come to play any games with this sneaker. 

Where to buy:

Style: 10! The color ways released are phenomenal case closed
Comfort: 10, It has an adjustable drawstring for everyday comfort
Quality: The durable leather, breathable mesh, and rubber pods for maximum traction = 10

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How To Travel To Europe With $1,000!

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I have teamed up with one of my amazing friends (Erica) who just traveled all over Europe with her mother for $1,000! Can you say jealous and goals? I mean, lets be honest...the flight alone is about $1,000 so how did she do it? Sit back, relax, grab some wine, call your friends or go solo, and get ready to plan! Erica is pretty much giving away FREE advice and be sure to e-mail her for a chance to win more FREE advice! I've already took my notes and bookmarked some website, enjoy!
 *FYI, she has an awesome sense of humor and personality, you'll see what I mean shortly.

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Erica: What if I told you that you could go to Europe for a thousand bucks, stay in the nicest hotels, and hardly lift a finger? You would love me, huh?

Ok so that's half true. You can do all that but you will need to lift like maybe two fingers! Seriously, going to Europe had been a dream trip for me and being on a tight budget while my hubby finishes school definitely made going to Europe and not breaking the bank a top priority for me. Stick with me and I will walk you through how to do it! I also have some "best tips" while you're there so #lehhgo!

First things first, let's get you across the pond. So I'm totally a nauseous flier so for me, the most important aspect of flying is making sure I'm comfy. I always try to check out the plane before I buy my ticket and make sure I can get a seat in the aisle. See my screenshot below ⇊ of how to find the aircraft :).

Ok so what flight, what airline, and further more - how much? An average flight from DC to London Heathrow is about $800. Umm, did I mention I was on a budget? So I instantly began to look for ways to get a deal. I stumbled across the Delta Airlines American Express Card. Turns out they had a pretty great deal - if you sign up for their card and spent $3,000 in three months, you were awarded 70,000 Delta Skymiles. For me, the $3,000 was easy. I used for groceries, bills, and quickly snatched up friends bills to get me there. One caveat, there is a $99 annual fee but again for me, totally worth it. So here I am with 70,000 miles wondering where I can go and luckily for me, the flight from DC to London was 30,000 miles each way! So this means I booked a coach ticket for 60,000 miles and taxes and fees of $275! I booked my ticket about 6 months in advance. Score! This is a great deal, seriously! I also have referral codes for this deal, hit me up!

Flight tip #1: London is literally the cheapest Delta location to fly to from the US. Even if your ultimate goal is another country in Europe, it’s cheaper to get to London first.

Flight tip #2: Use Skyscanner as a plan to figure out where you can travel the cheapest in Europe. For example, if you know you want to explore but want to find the cheapest options, go to Skyscanner and enter your departing airport (ex. LHR), and instead of putting in a specific location, select “Everywhere” and you can see all options by price. I’ve included a screenshot below. Bookmark this site, it is everything!
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Ready for War

Hi bloggers x readers!

Today was the perfect day to pull out my favorite army jacket! I seriously lucked up on this gem a few years ago for about $10. This lightweight and durable jacket even came with a cool small Tactical Air Command emblem attached. This jacket is so versatile and I'm excited to create more looks using this garment this fall. Enjoy :)

 xo CCMonai

 Denim: H&M
Bodysuit: Bathing suit from American Apparel 
Jacket: Thrift store about 4 years ago!
Shoes: Vans

How to look casual yet chic!

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I love this "Casual Chic" look I created because it's simple yet effective. It's says just enough without saying too much. This is the perfect outfit when you're on the go but want to achieve an edgy look. I paired some Express high waist denim with an American Apparel body suit which gives me a little bit of sexy! I tossed on some vans and my forever 21-hooded jacket to complete this look. Enjoy!

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How Bold Are You?

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 Mr. Pharrell Williams just dropped 4 new daring colorways to add to his Adidas "Tennis HU" collection. Honestly, they are pretty dope with a primeknit upper, which is always a winner for ultralight comfort. Also, they are priced at $130 to match the comfort of your wallet. My favorite pair is the multicolor way because they are vibrant, bold, and can be tossed on with pretty much anything and everything during the warm seasons. Enjoy!

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3 Ways To Slay Your Age

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 A few days ago my amazing mother turned 59 (FIFTY FINE) and let me say one word: GOALS! She looks stunning, her body is beyond amazing, full of life, laughter, fun, and gorgeous as ever. I'm just asking God can I look this amazing when I get her age? Age is nothing but a number and you're only as old as you feel. Any who, I created and styled this entire look and the ultimate goal was to take her outside of her comfort zone (mission accomplished!) This dress is from T.J. Maxx for only $24.99!

1. Show some skin- FYI it's totally ok to show a little skin! For an example: have fun with the current off the shoulder trends. This dress was the right amount of sexy, fun, and flirty without over doing it. The split was the perfect length and made the statement it was supposed to make. If you aren't into showing a little skin you can be modest without being frumpy, right?

2. Avoid black- I "think" about 70% of the population gravitate towards black because it's easy to style. I am guilty also! However, I picked this dress because I knew this was something she'd never pick up. It was one of those dresses that looked terrible on a hanger but once you out it on, you’ll see magic lol. Select a bold color or print and go own the runway because you're a beautiful woman!

3. Accessorize- go big and bold! Select one statement piece which, can be a necklace or earrings as long as you’re comfortable. Just make sure you have fun with all the amazing accessories out there.

Finally embrace your growth as an individual, new journey, and age! Who says you can't be fabulous and stylish without trying to dress like you are 21? Have fun with fashion, be fearless, unapologetic, and let go of the "norm"! Bye frumpy, hello fashionable.

Marjorie Harvey, Carolina Herrera, Michelle Obama, Iman, Diane von F├╝rstenberg, and Rachel Zoe are all perfect examples of women's timeless fashion at all ages.

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