3 Ways To Slay Your Age

Hi bloggers x readers!

 A few days ago my amazing mother turned 59 (FIFTY FINE) and let me say one word: GOALS! She looks stunning, her body is beyond amazing, full of life, laughter, fun, and gorgeous as ever. I'm just asking God can I look this amazing when I get her age? Age is nothing but a number and you're only as old as you feel. Any who, I created and styled this entire look and the ultimate goal was to take her outside of her comfort zone (mission accomplished!) This dress is from T.J. Maxx for only $24.99!

1. Show some skin- FYI it's totally ok to show a little skin! For an example: have fun with the current off the shoulder trends. This dress was the right amount of sexy, fun, and flirty without over doing it. The split was the perfect length and made the statement it was supposed to make. If you aren't into showing a little skin you can be modest without being frumpy, right?

2. Avoid black- I "think" about 70% of the population gravitate towards black because it's easy to style. I am guilty also! However, I picked this dress because I knew this was something she'd never pick up. It was one of those dresses that looked terrible on a hanger but once you out it on, you’ll see magic lol. Select a bold color or print and go own the runway because you're a beautiful woman!

3. Accessorize- go big and bold! Select one statement piece which, can be a necklace or earrings as long as you’re comfortable. Just make sure you have fun with all the amazing accessories out there.

Finally embrace your growth as an individual, new journey, and age! Who says you can't be fabulous and stylish without trying to dress like you are 21? Have fun with fashion, be fearless, unapologetic, and let go of the "norm"! Bye frumpy, hello fashionable.

Marjorie Harvey, Carolina Herrera, Michelle Obama, Iman, Diane von F├╝rstenberg, and Rachel Zoe are all perfect examples of women's timeless fashion at all ages.

xo CCMonai

My Wash & Go Routine!

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"Mesh"ing with you

Happy Tuesday bloggers x readers!

Today I wanted to showcase how I created a quick, simple yet fun and flirty look. I scored this timeless mesh hooded jacket from Forever 21! Now, Forever 21 has some hidden gems however, all you need is a little patience mixed with some time for looking around. I plan on creating some cute looks this fall with either heels, boots, or sneakers. Enjoy :)

xo CCMonai

Sandals: Sam Edelman | Jacket: Forever 21

Heart full of LOVE

Hi bloggers readers, Happy Sunday! 

Yesterday I was blessed to help celebrate my little cousin as she begins a new chapter in the book of Love called Marriage! She hand selected the perfect bridesmaids dress for 11 beautiful women that was just right for a warm summer wedding. The fit, lightweight fabric, and color was perfect! We paired the dress with a simple silver earring and bracelet and tossed in a silver shoe to complete the look. I'll add more photos as the professional pictures become available! Who says bridesmaids can't be cute, classy, and fashionable all in one? Always remember; your bridesmaids are a reflection of you so allow them to look stunning without over shinning your special day! 

xo CCMonai
Dress: David's Bridal | Brand: White by Vera Wang 

Color: Cassis


Hi bloggers x readers! 
This past weekend I went to Miami to celebrate my little cousin, as she gets ready for a new journey as a bride! Honestly I was dreading any sort of bathing suit because let's face it.... I wasn't ready like many women out there! But let's chit chat ladies?

What is “ready”? Why do we cause unnecessary stress on ourselves for no reason? Why can't we love our bodies while executing our personal fitness goals? Me personally: I LOVE every inch and curve of my body and don't mind showing it off! Everyone has some sort of fitness goal regardless if it’s shedding a few pounds or just maintaining that amazing body. I decided to write this post because maybe I can inspire and motive a beautiful woman to love their body this summer! Here are 3 ways I choose to love my body and curves.

1: I'm truly blessed! We live in a world where everyone is quick to go under the knife to accomplish his or her goals. People are paying top dollars to achieve the same butt God gave me, so you thought I wasn't going to embrace it? Tuhhhhhh…If God blessed you with certain body parts; you better embrace the hell out of that body because you only get one. Love that booty, love those hips, or boobs. It's yours after all!

2: Purchase cute bathing suits: when you look good, you feel good! Go for the bright and bold colors or patterns and run on that beach like you are on "bae watch" and could careless who sees you. Seriously, why do you need 6 black bathing suits? Find the right colors and fit for your skin tone and body and you're set. I recommend finding cute accessories to pair with your bathing suit like rings, a necklace, and any sort of body jewelry to complete the “outfit”. Try to think about swimwear like you do when you get dress for a night out. What makes you feel beautiful? 

3. Get up! Are you really planning on avoiding the pool or beach because you're too afraid of what others may think? Hunnie you better go drink a cup of that confidence juice, dance to some Beyonce, love yourself, and know that you are everything and more! When you stop caring what others say or feel, I promise you'll feel untouchable in that water. 

Just stay focused on YOUR journey and don’t compare or compete with anyone beside yourself. One major plus: it's warm out so it's easier to eat healthier foods because you tend to want to feel more refreshed than stuffed. Drink more water, smile more, love yourself girl, and know God blessed you for a reason! 

xo CCMonai
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Express yourself

Hi bloggers x readers!

I've seriously been in love with the store "Express" for over 10 years since I was in high school (oppp guess I told my age lol).  I pretty much find all my key transitional pieces from there especially if I want them to last for a few seasons. Yes, Express can be a bit pricey however, the goal is to never pay full price. I am pretty sure this top was about $40 and the pants were about $70. When you shop in Express always…. always shop the sale rack first then work your way to the front because it can be full price today and on sale in 2 weeks. Only pay full price with a coupon if you must have the pieces today. The complete set was about $35 total on sale, helllloooo! I've been shopping there so long I know when to shop and when to relax lol. Enjoy :)

xo CCMonai

Outfit: Express | Shoes: Steve Madden | Handbag: Paris


Hi bloggers x readers!
 Mr. Kayne has taking over souls and pockets near you once again. Yesterday he released a pair of cream "Powerphase Calabasas" sneakers, which is pretty much the same sneaker from the 80's. The sneaker was actually originally released on March 28th via Yeezy Supply website and has now released again for $120. I'm personally not a huge fan of the sneakers but.... I will say they do look so much better on foot! Would you cop or drop? Enjoy :)

xo CCMonai

Cop or Drop: OverKill

Hi bloggers x readers!
Today Adidas is releasing yet another dope Consortium collab with sneaker boutique "OverKill" located in Berlin. They are releasing two pairs, one will be $150 and the other $180 which has a Boost sole. I'm totally here for anything when you mix a primeknit with a boost sole however, they are a little heavy due to the thickness of the boost. You can find both sneakers at these select Adidas Consortium retailersEnjoy!

xo CCMonai